‘Twas the Night Before Holiday Mini’s

‘Twas the night before our Holiday minis

when all through the house

Mom was running around like crazy

no help from her spouse.


Cutting tags, prepping outfits, were we matching too much?

With bags under her eyes mom knew she’d need lots of retouch.


The kids were nestled all snug in their beds,

mom ironed and hung clothes in hues of black, white, and reds.


Mom got spray tanned and polished, her hair freshly cut;

was it too late to get the fat, sucked out of her gut?


Then her husband appeared, “Do you like my new hair?”

Mom paused and then gave him major side eye glare.


Trying on tons of outfits, sending pics to her friends,

mom quickly realized she should’ve gone on a cleanse.

Holiday mini’s – 2014


So back in mom’s room

the clothes, oh they flew

nothing looked right

and she started to feel blue.


What had happened to the

youthful, thin girl she had known;

no wrinkles, long hair, ugh, mom let out a groan.


When what to her wondering eyes should appear,

but a little black dress – mom let out a cheer!


The dress – so slimming, and spanx saved the day,

it didn’t quite matter what mom happened to weigh.


Inside her heart mom knew the truth,

no one would care she had outgrown her youth.

Holiday Mini’s – 2015 (& pregnant)

What matters is family, the love that we share,

not the props or cards or outfits we wear.


The pictures they capture special moments in life;

the most precious times spent as a mother and wife.


So I’ll glue on my lashes (hope the glue’s not too old)

when they’re all running late I’ll try not to scold.


At last I sprang to my bed, feeling in a new place,

for the first time in hours, a smile on my face:

Holiday Mini’s 2016


Because I knew now what mattered, our

family’s love and delight-

So good luck to you all, hope your

holiday mini’s go just right!



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