‘Twas the Night Before Holiday Mini’s

‘Twas the night before our Holiday minis

when all through the house

Mom was running around like crazy

no help from her spouse.


Cutting tags, prepping outfits, were we matching too much?

With bags under her eyes mom knew she’d need lots of retouch.


The kids were nestled all snug in their beds,

mom ironed and hung clothes in hues of black, white, and reds.


Mom got spray tanned and polished, her hair freshly cut;

was it too late to get the fat, sucked out of her gut?

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How I Use My Everyday Shopping to Help Save for Christmas

It’s only May, why am I already thinking about Christmas? Because I’m here to share with you how I use a little strategy and a few trusty apps the whole year to help alleviate the financial burden of Christmas.


In the past Christmas has snuck up on me, and then slapped me in the face when it came time to buy presents. (I have a biiiiiig family!) Because I didn’t plan, I became reliant on my good friends, Visa, Chase, and Mastercard. No one wants that (except for maybe the credit card companies)! In addition to a little planning and budgeting I’m able to use the rewards from the below programs towards my holiday purchases. more “How I Use My Everyday Shopping to Help Save for Christmas”