Create & Celebrate: Part 1 – Photo Props

Welcome to part one of our series – Create & Celebrate!  In this series we will give you our simple, DIY, budget-friendly ideas on how to fancy up your parties WITHOUT breaking the bank.


Because we’re living in the era of selfies and snapchat filters, we thought we’d start with…PHOTO PROPS!

Let’s face it, we live in a time where we want to capture every moment and then promptly share it with the world, so why not make it fun!  There are two photo props we’ve used at our recent parties that we’re a BIG hit with the guests!   more “Create & Celebrate: Part 1 – Photo Props”

An open letter to my 2nd on your 1st birthday.

I was experienced, but you were brand new. I played on my memory, but attempted to give you your own special moments.  I tried not to think about what your brother had done before you, I tried to let you be you.

You wore headbands, everyday, because I was told you looked just like your brother.  I wanted you to be unique.  I knew what to expect, but you were better than I could’ve ever imagined.

We had time alone but it was served with a side of guilt. Guilt I’d never known before. I needed time with you, but I missed the closeness I had with your brother.  I had complicated emotions.

You didn’t have a sleep schedule. “When does she nap?” In the car…in the stroller…at Target…during her brother’s play date. You were along for the ride.

more “An open letter to my 2nd on your 1st birthday.”