Build Your Own PVC Fort

Flashlights in FortFor 2 young boys, what’s more awesome than a massive fort?! Maybe eating gooey s’mores in that massive fort??? A quick trip to Home Depot and my building plans in hand, you too can make your kids’ night with an indoor camping adventure in their very own PVC fort.


This past week I’ve been lucky enough to have my nephew visit; he and my son are very close. Even though we live about 4 hours apart, they see each other quite a bit but it’s usually over a jam packed, non-stop, event filled weekend. This time we had the whole week together. I gave them plenty of time to just play but I also wanted to make it special, filled with excitement and adventures.


The weather hasn’t been on our side. Lots of rain and very little sunshine nixed most of my beach/pool/splash pad plans. I turned to making our indoor space EPIC! If we can’t camp outside, why not inside? Today we did get about 2 hours at the beach before the rain sent us running. Once home, I threw the boys in the bath and that was the perfect opportunity to set up our PVC fort! My husband helped and it was great having that extra set of hand when trying to drape the sheets.


When the boys walked in to the living room and saw the fort they were ecstatic! I know setting up a 5’ x 8’ tent in your living room isn’t for everyone but I like to go big! And I can honestly say, this isn’t the first time I’ve done something extravagant in my home for the sake of my kids having fun.

Fort Excitement

This PVC fort may cost a little more than those fort kits you can buy online but it’s so much BIGGER and BETTER! It fits a queen mattress inside! I put this together for just over $45 in PVC. I used sheets from around the house and I did already own the PVC cutter.

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PVC Fort couplers

  • 10 – 10 ft PVC (we used ¾ in for all PVC items)
  • 8 – 3-way elbows (not available in store)
  • 8 – Tee couplers (make sure you get the one without threading)
  • 2 – 90° with side outlet*
  • 2 – Male Adaptors*
  • PVC/Pipe Cutter – we have this one
  • Sharpie (to mark where to cut the PVC)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Painter’s Tape (to attach corners if needed – we didn’t want to attach permanently)
  • Sheets (We used 2 sets of king sheets and a twin flat sheet)

*Because I could only find the 3-way elbow in packs of 8, I MacGuyver-ed 2 more together using these pieces. We used a wrench to tighten them together as much as possible. This tightness may affect the length of the 7 ft piece.



1. Cut all PVC to necessary lengths.

  • 1 – 7 ft
  • 4 – 5 ft
  • 4 – 4 ft 1 ¼ in
  • 8 – 3 ft 6 in
  • 6 – 3 ft
  • 4 – 6 in


2. Assemble following Fort Plans (downloadable PDF) starting from the ground up. If any of your connections are loose, reinforce with painter’s tape.

3. Drape sheets. (I used a little painters tape to help them stay in place)

4. Add any extras – lights, banners, decorations

5. Enjoy your indoor adventure!


We made the night an indoor camp out. Hot dogs and baked beans for dinner; s’mores for dessert. The boys got to sleep in the tent and they were even allowed to stay up late to turn out the lights and play with flashlights.

Baby girl trying out the fort before the boys see it.
Bonus, at least in my husband’s eyes, he made swords with the excess PVC. He just picked up extra 4-way couplers.
Smores in PVC Fort
Mission Accomplished! Smores in the fort!
Every camping adventure needs a campfire!
PVC Fort Campfire
Goodnight my boys. I’ll see you when the sun comes up.

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