My Obsession with Paper Mache Letters

I’m here to shout it from the rooftops, I love paper mache letters! They’re so versatile. I’ve used them as bedroom décor, party decorations, photo props, you name it. If you’re a crafter (which I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this post) and you have yet to explore the possibilities surrounding paper mache letters, what are you waiting for?!

Now, this post isn’t to explain how to make paper mache letters, I’m sure there’s plenty of sites out there dedicated to that, but instead, the endless options on how to dazzle them up! My favorite letters are the simple block type letters from Joann’s. They have multiple sizes, from tiny to humongous (yes, those are measurable terms 🙂 ).

Now, to make them beautiful…


Glitter Letters

Glitter Paper Mache Letters

One of the easiest ways to make these suckers scream “Look at me!” is glitter!

Glitter Paper Mache Letters

To recreate this look you need: glitter, paint in a coordinating color, Modge Podge (gloss finish is best) and foam or paint brushes. My example is gold so I painted the letter, front and back with a gold acrylic paint. While the back is never intended to be seen, I always paint it just in case, so there’s a fully finish product.  After the paint dries, brush on the Modge Podge where you want the glitter, I did the front and sides. With the letter resting on paper towels or an old newspaper, generously pour the glitter onto the wet Modge Podge. Let dry. Shake off excess. Use this excess for the next layer of glitter. Again, paint with Modge Podge, cover with glitter, let dry, shake off excess. Cover with one final layer of Modge Podge to seal in glitter the best it can. (Let’s be honest, glitter gets EVERYWHERE!)



Comic Book Letters

My son’s bedroom is superhero themed, specifically the Avengers, so I wanted to create him custom letters of his name, for his wall. What better way to incorporate superheroes than in the format they originated in, comic books!

To create these, in addition to the letter, you’ll need: black acrylic paint, a comic book, spray adhesive, foam brush, scissors and Modge Podge (I prefer matte for this one). Paint the sides and back black. Now you want to pick out the comic book images you want to use and cut them to the size of the letter.  Use the spray adhesive to spray the back of the comic images to glue them to the letter. Finally, brush on a thin coat of the Modge Podge to seal everything in.


Mickey Inspired Letters

Mickey Mouse Inspired Paper Mache Letters

These were from my son’s first birthday party. He’s 4 ½ now but it still seems like just yesterday. He had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party and I was inspired by how Disney Junior always writes “Junior” as the different characters. For these I just used acrylic paint and a brush to freehand the painting.


Mermaid Letters

Mermaid Themed Paper Mache Letters

These were for my daughter’s first birthday party. This also seems like just yesterday…because it was! (Well about 3 weeks ago to be exact.) LOL!  I don’t typically recommend spray painting these letters because they just soak up the paint, but, that’s exactly what I did to achieve the ombre effect. For these you’ll need, 2 colors of spray paint, acrylic paint (for sides and back), scissors or razor blade, spray adhesive, foam or paint brush, and glitter paper cut to look like mermaid scales. I used my Cricut to do this. It really made my machine work! Took about a half hour to cut each sheet of paper.

First, spray paint the fronts of the letters with multiple light coats, letting it dry completely between each layer. Spray the colors lightly at the point the meet to get them to blend. Once fully dry, using your brush, paint the back and sides (I used a hot pink for this). Next, spray the back of your glitter paper with the adhesive and attach to the letter. Use scissors or razor blade to remove any excess paper.


These are just a few ways I decorated simple paper mache letters. I hope this inspires you to create your own versions!

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