Must Have Craft Tools and Supplies



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Before we even think about tackling our first craft project together, let’s discuss the basics: supplies!

In the past I would pick up anything interesting, especially if it was on sale. “I’ll totally use this silk leaf shine spray one day!” While some things have been used, most of it resides in the deep, dark, depths of my craft storage with no chance of seeing the light of day. I have learned my lesson and now typically buy supplies solely for my current project. There are a few exceptions to that rule.

Below you’ll find my list of my must have on-hand tools and supplies.

  1. Cricut Explore Air – My Cricut is my best friend (sorry, Melissa!). Personally, I do not know how a crafter survives without one! I do understand it is a big purchase, and not a feasible one for everybody, but it is my favorite tool. You will see it’s use prominent throughout my crafts, although when possible I will try and give non-Cricut alternatives. (BONUS: The Cricut Basic Tools set – Not necessary and there are potential hacks out there but it makes life so much easier!)
  2. Painter’s Tape – If the Cricut is my best friend, painter’s tape is the world’s greatest invention. I use it for so much more than painting walls. I use it for hanging light weight temporary items, holding stencils in place, and let’s not forget of course, it is great for getting a straight line in a painting craft. I typically have both thin and thick options on hand.
  3. Spray Adhesive and a Hot Glue Gun – While these both stick stuff together, they go about it in 2 very different, magical ways. Spray adhesive is necessary for any sort of paper craft. Hot glue is necessary for just about anything else.
  4. Scissors and a Paper Cutter – You may be thinking, “Scissors? Isn’t that obvious?!” and you’re right, it is. But if you do any work with fabric, get a second pair. A nice pair. Hide ‘em and lock ‘em away! Better yet, do not let your husband, children, even the dog, know they exist. You will thank me! I also love having a paper cutter such as the one found here. I do not have this exact one, but mine is similar and it makes cutting multiple, long straight lines a breeze.
  5. Black and White Heat Transfer Vinyl – I love making shirts. I love being able to make shirts on a whim. Like when I realized the next day was my son’s 4th birthday and he did not have anything special to wear to school, within 2 hours he was a four-a-saurus with dinosaurs in party hats on his shirt.
  6. Sponge Brushes – For just a few bucks you can you can get a bunch and they are great for everything from, painting to Mod Podge to epoxy resin.
  7. White Card Stock – I always have a ream of white cardstock on hand. It’s great for a “trial run” before wasting the expense stuff. You can use it to make sure setting and sizing is correct.
  8. Brown paper bags – Forgot your reusable bags last time you went grocery shopping? No worries, we’ll put those paper bags to use! They’re great for covering your table or ground when using spray adhesive or under any project little ones are “helping” with. They’re a great option to put in between shirts when painting them. And a bonus, they’re FREE! (Newspapers work well for all this too but I’m always afraid of ink transfer. Plus, I don’t get the paper anymore. J)


I think the supplies you choose to have on hand is very dependent on the type of crafts you gravitate towards. I consider myself a dabbler and like to try a little bit of everything. Hopefully this list will help you get started in your crafting journey.


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