Holiday Traditions

It’s fall y’all!! While I’m a true Florida girl and the sea runs in my veins, Fall is my FAVORITE season. Soon I’ll be wearing boots and flowy sweaters, and sweating because, like I said, it’s Florida. But to me Fall also signals the start of the holiday season which means family time, decorations, parties, adventures and holiday traditions.

First there’s Halloween. I have an unhealthy obsession with Halloween; I always have. I love throwing costume parties, and now I do a “Mini Monster Mash” for my son and his friends. Halloween costumes are discussed starting in July and I am stalking Home Goods the moment the Halloween decor shows up. And let’s not discuss the amount of times I watch Hocus Pocus

As with most, I like to take the time surrounding Thanksgiving and reflect on the previous year, be appreciative for the good and learn from the bad. It’s also kickoff time for non-stop baking over the next two months. One of my favorite pastimes.

Then there’s Christmas. I love Christmastime, how can you not? But now, having children has upped the magical factor of December. Decorating the tree, visiting Santa, looking at the lights, there’s a renewed sense of wonder and also kindness in the air. Plus, let’s not forget all the Christmas movies! Between Freeform, Lifetime and Hallmark Channel, it’s a 25 day Christmas movie marathon!

While this time of the year has plenty of major, long standing traditions – trick or treating, FOOD, black Friday shopping and our annual Christmas Eve party –  I relish in the smaller, quiet traditions; the new traditions I’ve established since I started my own family. My favorite is my October 1st/December 1st holiday kickoff.


October 1st/December 1st Holiday Kickoff Tradition

On the morning of the first, I start the day off with a holiday inspired breakfast. This past December 1st I created a pancake Rudolph, with bacon antlers and a red chocolate  melt nose. The presentation may not be Chopped champion worthy (any other Food Network fanatics out there??) but my son loved it!  For this October 1st, I think I’ll try these pumpkin pancakes with a spooky black syrup! Then we start the day off with new holiday shirts and finish the day with new holiday jammies! It’s something so simple but puts us all in the holiday spirit and starts our month off right!

Yes, my husband is a good sport and goes along with whatever madness I come up with.

This year I’m going to try and incorporate November 1st into this tradition. Last year we had Thanksgiving jammies, but that was it. I think it will be a great conversation starter to discuss being grateful and thankful with my son.


While not a responsible habit, I also like to have something holiday related for the kids to wear every day of the month leading up to Halloween and Christmas, whether it’s shirts, pajamas or socks. (Yes, we do sometimes repeat and sometimes miss a day – I’m not that excessive.) This is less of a tradition and more of an obsessiveness of mine. LOL!

Do you have any small out-of-the-ordinary holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about them!

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