How I Use My Everyday Shopping to Help Save for Christmas

It’s only May, why am I already thinking about Christmas? Because I’m here to share with you how I use a little strategy and a few trusty apps the whole year to help alleviate the financial burden of Christmas.


In the past Christmas has snuck up on me, and then slapped me in the face when it came time to buy presents. (I have a biiiiiig family!) Because I didn’t plan, I became reliant on my good friends, Visa, Chase, and Mastercard. No one wants that (except for maybe the credit card companies)! In addition to a little planning and budgeting I’m able to use the rewards from the below programs towards my holiday purchases.


Disclaimer: If you choose to use any of the below links, I earn referral rewards. While I LOVE the below apps, be sure to review their terms and conditions to ensure you are comfortable with them and they suit your needs.


Phone Apps:

Ibotta – In my time using this app, I have earned close to $500! Before I go shopping, particularly grocery shopping, I check this app to see what offers are available. You select the items you’re purchasing, scan their barcodes and take a picture of your receipt
. They have a large variety of products and many opportunities for bonuses! Plus you can redeem on the app i
in addition using paper coupons or in-store BOGO offers.

Savings for Christmas

Shopkick – Shopkick is super easy. As you enter select stores, open the app and earn your points, known as “kicks”. There are other ways to earn kicks such as scanning products and uploading receipts too. Redeem kicks for rewards such as gift cards. Target, Marshalls, TJ
Maxx, Macy’s, all my favorite stores are often included plus many, many more! BONUS: When you use my link, we both earn $2 in kicks!


Other Ways to Save:

Target Gift Cards – I live at Target. Really though, it’s walking distance from my house; I’m there a min
imum of 3 times a week. I take advantage of their gift card offers for buying my household staples. I do not purchase a box of diapers or a roll of toilet paper unless I’m getting a gift card back. I tuck away these cards all year long. (Side note: if you are not using their Cartwheel app, you are missing out! Tons of saving opportunities!)


Swagbucks – I use this site to print out my grocery coupons. For every coupon you redeem in store, you earn Swagbucks. Once you’ve accumulated enough Swagbucks, you can turn them in towards giftcards. You save now and you save later. Take some time to peruse the Swagbucks website. There are so many more ways to earn! The coupons are just my favorite.


Using these tips may not pay for your whole Christmas but hopefully it’ll help take some of the stress off. Every penny counts! Happy shopping!

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