DIY Large Confetti Balloons

Are you looking for a large, statement party decoration? Why not confetti balloons?! An easy, customizable DIY that makes a huge impact on your party.

A couple months ago, I started planning my daughter’s first birthday party (cue tears…how can she possibly be one?!) I came across the concept of clear balloons filled with confetti and I knew it was something I wanted to recreate. First I had to decide how big I wanted to go and I chose huge because everything I do for a first birthday party is unnecessarily over the top. 🙂  To be exact, I went with 36-inch balloons, standard balloons are about 12 inches. Next, I picked out colors for the confetti that coordinate with the mermaid themed party (a lot more on that party to come over the new few weeks!). A little bit of time in front of the TV, punching holes while nursing (multi-tasking at its best) and these balloons are ready to fly!




  • Create confetti – This is as simple as punching a bunch of circles into your tissue paper. I folded my sheet of tissue paper over a few times. A thicker paper punches best. If it’s just a single layer, it tears. And I’m going to be honest with you, all my circles weren’t perfect, but once in the balloon, you can’t tell.
  • Fill balloons with confetti – because of the balloons’ large size, you can just pour the confetti in using your hands or by using a sheet of paper and rolling it into a simple cone shaped funnel. I put a large handful of confetti into each balloon.
  • Fill balloons with helium, tie, and attach string. A large helium tank filled about 4 balloons.
  • Gently shake balloon to spread confetti around.
  • Display with pride because they are just as fabulous as you are!

I also created the tassels hanging from the balloons using the same tissue paper as they confetti, by following this great tutorial from Fariha at Pennies for a Fortune. My main difference is, in step 4 I only halved the sheet, not quartered. I wanted my tassels a little bigger to stand up to the size of the balloons.


DIY Confetti Balloons

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