Create & Celebrate: Part 1 – Photo Props

Welcome to part one of our series – Create & Celebrate!  In this series we will give you our simple, DIY, budget-friendly ideas on how to fancy up your parties WITHOUT breaking the bank.


Because we’re living in the era of selfies and snapchat filters, we thought we’d start with…PHOTO PROPS!

Let’s face it, we live in a time where we want to capture every moment and then promptly share it with the world, so why not make it fun!  There are two photo props we’ve used at our recent parties that we’re a BIG hit with the guests!  Read below on how to create these awesome pieces!


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Name Boxes – These boxes are a hot new trend at baby showers and birthday parties, and they offer the perfect photo op.  Bonus:  They make a great focal point for the party!

Before you create:

  1. Boxes – The boxes we used are medium-sized moving boxes from Lowe’s. ($2.28 per box) We broke them down after each party and we’ve already reused them three times.  (Fun fact: I’m currently using them a 4th time to pack up my house!)
  2. Wrapping – Would you believe me if I told you it’s wrapping paper – because it is!  You need about 2 rolls per color or design.  Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and HomeGoods all have unique selections.  We love incorporating a patterned paper with solid lettering.
  3. Letters – Cut out of cardstock by hand or using a cutting machine such as a Cricut.


  1. Tape the boxes together following the instructions given.  Use blue painters tape.
  2. Wrap boxes like you would a gift!
  3. For the top box(es), use clear tape to seal.
  4. Tape or glue on letters.

****If you’re located in Palm Beach or Broward County – check out Luly’s Craft Frenzy on Facebook!!  Not everyone has time (or energy) to create and that’s where Luly comes in!  She is a master creator of name boxes.  Check her out in the photo on the right just below!

How great did these turn out!!!!



*Party Name Frames – We love this idea because it not only serves as a photo prop, it always makes a cute keepsake.  Add an Instax Instant Camera to your event then guests can take these photos home as a favor.  One project, multiple uses!  Fun idea alert:  Your preggo friends can frame their bellies!

Before you create:

Photo Frame Supplies

  1. Frame – Foam board found at most craft stores, ours is from Joann Fabric. We used white but you can often find black and other colors too!
  2. Tools – T-square, yardstick or ruler, sharpie, razor blade, glue
  3. Lettering – We cut our own letters out of cardstock using a Cricut. Other ideas are to use sticker letters, a stencil and paint, or simply hand lettering using Sharpies.
  4. Decorative pieces – The crown and star were part of a photo prop kit purchased at HomeGoods in the aisle with gift bags, tissue paper, and cards! Red and blue paper fans were made using tissue paper and twisty ties. You can also find similar items at a party store like Party City.


  1. On back of foam board, use t-square to measure and draw straight lines to create frame. Ours was approximately 3 1/4 in wide.
  2. Use razor blade to cut foam. I put a kitchen cutting board under my foam board as I sliced out the center.  You don’t want to unintentionally scratch up your table or floors!
  3. Attach lettering and decorative pieces. I love spray adhesive glue for the letters and a hot glue gun for other accents.

We’d love to hear what you think about our photo props!  Would you create them for your next event?

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