The #1 SECRET to Discount Shopping Success!

Ok so I know what you’re thinking…

Discount shopping?  Too many racks, too much to browse through, too congested, too many items….

While I completely understand your reservations, I have found that most people’s discount shopping problems can be solved with one simple trick…planning!  If you know WHAT to look for then the chaos of the store disappears.  I only go to specific sections because I know EXACTLY what I’m looking for.  I know what’s worth my time, what they always carry, what’s easy to locate, and now you will TOO!

Follow this guide so you know which bargains to hunt for.  Not only will this help save you time, it will also help your wallet!  My typical discount store haul, which includes miscellaneous items, clothing, gifts, and shoes, is less than $75!

So here’s the plan –

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