The Basic Mom’s Guide to Fall Family Fun (Palm Beach)

Are you thinking, ‘Am I a basic mom?’  Well…if you sip on PSL’s in September, rock crazy Halloween leggings in October, and search endlessly for “Fall Family Fun” events in your area, then you may be a…   basic mom.

I myself am a basic mom, and I DON’T feel bad about it!  I take 1200 pictures of my kids in front of pumpkins in the scorching Florida heat, and I attempt to attend every fall event I can physically get to WITH a PSL (probably iced, it’s HOT out) in hand.

Before you scroll down I just want to say – DONT be overwhelmed, pick the events that seem best for YOUR family and save those dates only!

For all my basic mamas, here is my ultimate guide to the BEST –

FALL FAMILY FUN activities in Palm Beach County.

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Build Your Own PVC Fort

Flashlights in FortFor 2 young boys, what’s more awesome than a massive fort?! Maybe eating gooey s’mores in that massive fort??? A quick trip to Home Depot and my building plans in hand, you too can make your kids’ night with an indoor camping adventure in their very own PVC fort.


This past week I’ve been lucky enough to have my nephew visit; he and my son are very close. Even though we live about 4 hours apart, they see each other quite a bit but it’s usually over a jam packed, non-stop, event filled weekend. This time we had the whole week together. I gave them plenty of time to just play but I also wanted to make it special, filled with excitement and adventures. more “Build Your Own PVC Fort”

Road Tripping With Littles; the good, the bad, and the bonding


On paper the idea seemed nothing short of crazy.  7 days, 4 hotels, 3 cities, 2 small children, (and a partridge in a pear tree).  We turned an out of town wedding invite into a 4 day Disney vacation PLUS a 3 day site seeing tour of the south, ambitious I know.  We could have very easily flown in for the wedding only.  Just the two of us.  A weekend WITHOUT the littles.  Instead we chose to embark on an epic road trip adventure.

DISCLAIMER:  This trip was NOT void of disappointment, crying, miscommunication or moodiness.  We had setbacks; rental car contract mishap, missed reservations, and unexpected weather.  BUT – despite all the chaos – this trip bonded our family.  It brought us back together in a way I didn’t even know that we needed.

Here’s what I learned:

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Stuck in a ‘mom’ rut? 4 ways to get out and start FRESH!

Typically I thrive on being busy, it’s just who I am.  I say yes to every event, I go to every birthday party, I never miss an opportunity for a gab sesh with my girls.  Then one year ago, that lifestyle finally caught up with me, and I was burnt out.  I needed a break from all the “mommin’”.  What’s ‘mommin’ you ask?  Its the constant busyness of parks, play dates, birthday parties, carnivals, festivals, swim lessons, soccer practice, story times, etc, etc.  All activities I usually loved, but suddenly they felt like exhausting, daunting tasks that I wanted to avoid like the plague.  I slowly started avoiding play dates and fell off track from our typical schedule.  My son was two (slowly crossing over to the terrible side) and I was five months pregnant.  I used that as my excuse; he was having a rough day, I didn’t feel well, I had to get the nursery ready.

Fast forward to December 31, as cliche as it sounds, I started to think about how I wanted this next year to play out.  A new baby was joining our family and I only had 4 months left to make memories with my firstborn.  Like getting the wind knocked out of you it just…hit me, four months.  That’s it?  I was faced with the realization that I had wasted the last two months holed up inside my house avoiding socialization.  I wasn’t going to let these last 4 months pass us by.  I knew I needed a plan, something to follow so I could make a fresh start.  Something to get me motivated and quite frankly, up off of the couch.

I had to adjust my busy ways, and here’s what I came up with:

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